Thursday, November 23, 2017

Honoring More!

YES, we are adding first responders to Lloyds Rides,Inc. PTSD is killing Firefighters, Police, and rescue personnel. In 2003, I was forced to get out of the way of an idiot that would have T-Bones me between 2 cars. I high sided my 1500 CC bagger, pulling into the middle lane of a 3 lane busy road. I was laying in the middle lane just over the side of a hill. Luckily enough people stopped so no one would run over me. I would wake up for a few seconds, and then back to blacking out again. I looked straight ahead, and stearing down at me was an angel. I said is this a dream, she said no hon, you will realize it is real in the morning when the pain killers ware off.
 YES, I might have died that day. No one ran over me, the paramedics did a great job of treating me, I woke up a few times the next 4 hours. I recall what happened when I was awake for a few seconds at a time. I cannot recall the last 5 miles to the accident site. 
 The Brain Surgeon was bringing students to view me. About 4 or 5 at a time. About the 4th time they came in, I asked the Doc what is going on. He said, we cannot believe you flew thru the air and was 30 feet from your cycle, bounced off the road, and did not break a bone. He said he saw my helmet, and if I was not wearing it it would have been a 4 by 4 inch piece of skull that was missing, not the fiberglass. " and we ain't too good at putting brains back in your skull YET" !! He said.
 When I raced motorcycles and cars when I was single, I made several trips to the hospital. I would wake up and see an angel in white clothes taking care of me. That is why I married a nurse. YES, I would not be alive today if I did not have Mary taking of me. May 20, 2018 we are married 46 years. She still razzes me every tine I do not eat or drinkso something right. She checks everyday to make sure I take my pills right.  After 46 years she does care.
 Our one boy is an andrelain freak like me. The other boy, and our daughter got Mary's no risk taking smartness. All three got Mary's brains. The other boy, not the risk taker got My dad LLoyd's and my ability to look at something mechanical and understand how it works. and how to fix it. They also all 3 got my never,ever quit stick to it style. (bullheadedness) in a good way.
 It is 2 AM, more to come later.

        My 50 year high school graduation reunion. I wondered who all the gray hair people were?

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