Thursday, May 19, 2016

Every 24 Hours!!

Every 24 hours 22 tormented souls give up the fight to this earthly existance. They have fought the war, and returned home to pick up the shattered pieces of their former lives. Changed forever they can not fit in. They make a sad choice to not exist anymore. We must change this vicious cycle.

My charity is going to fight this problem. With your help we CAN save these troubled  souls. Send a check made out to  LLoyds Rides,Inc. and send to  BB&T Bank-92 Doe Run Road-Manheim,PA 17545 and donate, all donations are tax deductible! Then signup by sending e-mail to  With your name, e-mail, phone number and hot rod or motorcycle ride, to offer rides in your hot rod or motorcycle. Stop and buy them a meal, or stop for ice cream and talk. Spend time with these lost souls, be their friend. Keep in contact with them. Show them we CARE what happens to them.
 You can also donate by my crowd funding site. E-mail to and ask for the donation link. Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell
See Below, you need a good laugh! I do not take life TOOOO seriously!!

YES, I have short memory loss since my cycle accident?
See all Below!!

Yes they are my church clothes!

This are the duds I wear when I punch the clock working for the ALMIGHTY!
If these are good enough for doing GOD'S work,They are good enough when I go to his house!

Mary said since I am President of Lloyds Rides, Inc. I must dress more presidential like.
                           Everyone who knows me, knows this is as fancy as I can Get!!

When I get enough donations to get my service dog so I can visit the vets and shutins in homes she will be FAMILY!!
That is why I started  so the old hotroders and bikers that cannot get out to the rallies can still see what is going on!

Be a VOLUNTEER here now!

YES! everyone over 50 years old knows we look for the rainbow when we travel!!   LOL  LOL