Thursday, April 28, 2016

At last!

Lloyds Rides,Inc is a not for profit Pennsylvania corporation. I have a bank account set up to receive donations. BB&T bank-92 Do Run Road-Manheim, PA 17545 drop off donation or mail. Payable to
Lloyds rides, inc. All donations sent to bank care of LLOYDS RIDES INC. are tax deductible.
I am also in crowdfunding.  Send an e-mail to      and ask for the Crowd Funding link.   We thank you for your generous donations.
Every 24 hours 22 of our brave wounded warriors decide they can no longer go on living.  We will lower the number to zero with your and GODS help. When we spread to all 50 states, by then we will have graduates from alcohol and drug programs. Getting people in work programs. And help wounded warriors, and mentally challenged people to get the lust to live again.
I will have a comfort dog to visit the VA hospital, and rest homes in every chapter!
I know I dream big, but with I as minion to the ALIGHTY you would expect nothing less!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LLoyds Rides, Inc.

Every 24 hours, 22 lost souls give up this earthly existance!! This battle they lose. Mostly because of the horrible battle they experienced!!
We must change the outcome of their desperate choices!!
With this CHARITY I am trying to help just one wounded warrior!! And mentally challenged individual   ONE AT A TIME!!
With your donations, a lot of good people will change the wounded warriors and mentally challenged peoples life outcome.

We will also help mentally challenged individuals. I have been mentally challenged all my life. That is why LLOYD and RICH got together and told me to GET  this CHARITY going!
  We will have help and training for the people to get a good job. If the people need training to do everyday chores we will have training for that too. If drug and alcohol problems, we will get them help!
When we spread to all 50 states I know I cannot handle everything. That is where the good people who follow my dream come in. When needed we will have folks on the payroll. For now, everyone will be volunteers, including me. And start off with part time paid people.

YES, I dream big, to me dreams are the roadmap to success. I am not important in this endeavor. I am just the minion of the ALMIGHTY!! The volunteers in the trenches doing the work are the real heroes! Please sign up today to befrend a wounded warrior, or mentally challenged individual. THANK YOU! Randy"Hoss"Caldwell  Sign up, send your name,phone number, hot rod or cycle to

You need a GOOD LAUGH!!

I am old, and handicapped with a fold up cane in my saddlebag, but my mind and mouth still work. For me to be a minion to the ALMIGHTY, I still have what it takes!!

My nomad, when I can no longer hold it up, I will get a sidecar, so Mary and I can still ride!

Davey, remind you of no IImorrow??

My nomad with about 1,000 bikes at Lawn Fire Co. Lawn, PA