Tuesday, February 23, 2016


When I have enough donations, I plan on getting a therapy dog, and the training for both of us. I will visit Veterans Hospitals locally, and rest homes to bring happiness into their lives. As you see, I do not take life too seriously, and bringing happiness to others is what GOD has chosen for me. Of course with a lot of you peoples help.
I plan on nameing my dog BOSSIE that is what Lloyd named the boston terrier I grew up with. I was about 12 when we had to put him down because of blindness and his suffering. It was very hard for me. I want to honor bossie by naming my new companion after him. Bossie and Lloyd will like that!
I will post on this site when I get my dog. It will be a while. I need to do a lot of fund raising first.
When Lloyds Rides spreads across the country, I plan on getting a therapy dog and handler for each chapter. With your help, we will grow!
Thank you, very much.  Randy"Hoss"Caldwell

Lloyd looking down, and smiling, he approves!