Saturday, September 3, 2016

MTHS 50 year reunion!

          This is my 50 year high school reunion,2016. Mary told me since I am President of a
          corporation I must dress better!! One of the girls from my class said, tell your wife, you
          look presidential enough! They got it!!  Mary had to work, she missed the reunion!
         A tie with my t-shirt. They get it!!  BIG LOL!
        They all remembered me, my big mouth, and doing wheelies on my cycle out school road! I
        have  NOT   CHANGED!!     Randy"Hoss"Caldwell--"minion to the ALMIGHTY!"
        If not want to donate go to
        Thank you! Randy"Hoss"Caldwell
         Or send a check made out to     lloyds rides,inc.-- Send to-- BB&T Bank--92 Doe Run Road--               Manheim,PA 17545--send me an e-mail and we will thank you. If you want to be listed on
          Sophies thank you page send your names, web site, and say you want to be listed.
         GOD bless you for helping save VALUABLE VETERANS LIVES!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Minion, working for the ALMIGHTY!!

LLoyd and Edith's middle son and their beloved Bull Dog, Bossie!
Lloyd and Edith's middle son now, a Minion for the ALMIGHTY! Ephrata American Legion.
 Sophie and I taking a break after working my Charity!
                                 Ephrata A.L.
                                Vagabonds East Petersburg car show!

                                Vagabonds car show!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

My New LOVE!!

How many wives of over 44 years, get a young female companion for their husband for his 68th birthday!!Thank you, MARY!!

Sophie helping me drive!

A super spoiled rotten puppy!!

We are checking for certification so Sophie and I can visit the VA hospital and retirement homes nearby. We will be very busy. Mary likes the idea of keeping us away from the TV and refrigerator! LOL
More adventures to come, tune in again!
Any donations for certification and Sophie's training are appreciated! Send check payable to;
LLoyds Rides,Inc. Send to  BB&T Bank--92 Doe Run Road--Manheim,Pa. 17545
Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell
LLoyds Rides,Inc. registered as a PA not for profit corporation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


My Nomad!

Mary told me since I am the president of Lloyds Rides,Inc  I must dress more presiential. Well, all you who know me, knew I do not take life too seriously!! This is as presidential as I can get. This atire is good enough to wear when I work fot the ALMIGHTY, so I wear it to HIS house too.
On   randysravings    I have a page on my being crippled. I limp, had my left shoulder and left knee replaced. From a bike accident. YES, not my fault. Yes the person did not stick around. YES, I fooled them, I did not die. Another one I owe HIM!! I now have a lot of expensive titaniun in me. A hassle if I ever fly again. Not counting the stainless steel holding my stomach and my intestines together. YES, I have a handicapped placard so I can park close to the door. When I am feeling good, I do not use it. I know others are worse off than I am!
On my rave, I talk about being on my motorcycle. A 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad. Yes when young, I built and rode fast choppers. How funny now that I am nearing 68 in a couple of weeks, I like the fat tires, floor boards, air shocks and the fiberglass saddlebags. I prefer the cadillac over the corvette of bikes. YES, I still like to ride fast, and like the acceleration of my V TWIN of 1500 CC's, but not the hanging on during wild acceleration. When I can pass legally I do. Just not splitting lanes like 50 years ago. With my bike, everything is self adjustible. No working, adjusting anything. With catalic converter, computer checking exhaust and adjusting the air to fuel mixture like the cars. The last 14 years, no expense of adjusting. The drive shaft, and no tunups, just gas and oil changes. I am getting lazy in my old age.
When young, I pulled between two cars that were going to race when the light turned green. Yes, I beat both of them. Being BI-POLAR I look differently at life than you so called NORMAL people. I am an adrenalin junkie. No drug introduced into the body exites the senses like adrenalin. I get my fix now watching you tube, the go pro cameras give you the same fix as the real thing. That is why they get so many views.
YES, my new title is MINION to the ALMIGHTY. And yes, the TV preachers are right. GOD does not pick the person to do HIS work you think HE would. He picks someone, and molds them to do HIS work! LOOK AT ME!!
This URL is easier to look up. I bought     So people can get here easier. $9.00 per year, and the girl did the work to link      to bring up this site. They know us old people are not computer smart.  
The reason I started this charity, I want to give the veterans and the mentally challenged individuals the same feeling I get when I am on my bike. I am not hindered by my physical limitations any more. I am just like you. My fold-up cain is in my saddlebag. I do not limp, I do not need my cain with my feet on the floor boards. The arthritis ravaging my joints leaves me when I twist my wrist to give the bike gas. When my left foot shifts the gears there is no pain in that side of my body. I am equal to you so called normal people??
I Want, no NEED to give these people the same few minutes of extacy I experience. When I return home from my ride, the rest of the day goes great for me. I want them to feel it too. No I am not just doing this for them. I need the feeling I get from helping them. YES, this is a selfish urge on my part. Retirement is too bland for me! I crave the excitement of going to the shows, telling people what I will accomplish. Talking to strangers, asking for volunteers, and donators so I can fund this charity. GOD gave me a BIG MOUTH. Sometimes it got me in trouble. 99% of the time it did not. Now I know why GOD gave this big mouth to me. With YOUR help WE will acomplish my vision and spread Lloyds Rides,Inc to all 50 states, and overseas too!
Send a check payable to   Lloyds Rides,Inc.  to  BB&T bank- 92 Doe Run Road-Mannheim,PA 17545
All donations tax deductible! Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell   LLOYD is smiling down on us!
This is Lloyd Sylvester Caldwell, My FATHER! Over 30 years as GOD's Mechanic so far!

With,GOD,Lloyd,and Rich guiding me from above, this charity will prosper. The devil is hasseling me, trying to stop me. BUT, I NEVER,EVER, DID I SAY NEVER"GIVE UP"

This is the boy, a car nut like us, and his mom that prompted LLOYD to put the ideas in my head. LLOYD and GOD  and RICH make a great team.Too bad it took two days for HIS ideas to penetrate my thick scull. I did not get their info so I can not contact them and give the son his ride. If you know them give me their info! He deservers the first ride.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Every 24 Hours!!

Every 24 hours 22 tormented souls give up the fight to this earthly existance. They have fought the war, and returned home to pick up the shattered pieces of their former lives. Changed forever they can not fit in. They make a sad choice to not exist anymore. We must change this vicious cycle.

My charity is going to fight this problem. With your help we CAN save these troubled  souls. Send a check made out to  LLoyds Rides,Inc. and send to  BB&T Bank-92 Doe Run Road-Manheim,PA 17545 and donate, all donations are tax deductible! Then signup by sending e-mail to  With your name, e-mail, phone number and hot rod or motorcycle ride, to offer rides in your hot rod or motorcycle. Stop and buy them a meal, or stop for ice cream and talk. Spend time with these lost souls, be their friend. Keep in contact with them. Show them we CARE what happens to them.
 You can also donate by my crowd funding site. E-mail to and ask for the donation link. Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell
See Below, you need a good laugh! I do not take life TOOOO seriously!!

YES, I have short memory loss since my cycle accident?
See all Below!!

Yes they are my church clothes!

This are the duds I wear when I punch the clock working for the ALMIGHTY!
If these are good enough for doing GOD'S work,They are good enough when I go to his house!

Mary said since I am President of Lloyds Rides, Inc. I must dress more presidential like.
                           Everyone who knows me, knows this is as fancy as I can Get!!

When I get enough donations to get my service dog so I can visit the vets and shutins in homes she will be FAMILY!!
That is why I started  so the old hotroders and bikers that cannot get out to the rallies can still see what is going on!

Be a VOLUNTEER here now!

YES! everyone over 50 years old knows we look for the rainbow when we travel!!   LOL  LOL

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At last!

Lloyds Rides,Inc is a not for profit Pennsylvania corporation. I have a bank account set up to receive donations. BB&T bank-92 Do Run Road-Manheim, PA 17545 drop off donation or mail. Payable to
Lloyds rides, inc. All donations sent to bank care of LLOYDS RIDES INC. are tax deductible.
I am also in crowdfunding.  Send an e-mail to      and ask for the Crowd Funding link.   We thank you for your generous donations.
Every 24 hours 22 of our brave wounded warriors decide they can no longer go on living.  We will lower the number to zero with your and GODS help. When we spread to all 50 states, by then we will have graduates from alcohol and drug programs. Getting people in work programs. And help wounded warriors, and mentally challenged people to get the lust to live again.
I will have a comfort dog to visit the VA hospital, and rest homes in every chapter!
I know I dream big, but with I as minion to the ALIGHTY you would expect nothing less!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LLoyds Rides, Inc.

Every 24 hours, 22 lost souls give up this earthly existance!! This battle they lose. Mostly because of the horrible battle they experienced!!
We must change the outcome of their desperate choices!!
With this CHARITY I am trying to help just one wounded warrior!! And mentally challenged individual   ONE AT A TIME!!
With your donations, a lot of good people will change the wounded warriors and mentally challenged peoples life outcome.

We will also help mentally challenged individuals. I have been mentally challenged all my life. That is why LLOYD and RICH got together and told me to GET  this CHARITY going!
  We will have help and training for the people to get a good job. If the people need training to do everyday chores we will have training for that too. If drug and alcohol problems, we will get them help!
When we spread to all 50 states I know I cannot handle everything. That is where the good people who follow my dream come in. When needed we will have folks on the payroll. For now, everyone will be volunteers, including me. And start off with part time paid people.

YES, I dream big, to me dreams are the roadmap to success. I am not important in this endeavor. I am just the minion of the ALMIGHTY!! The volunteers in the trenches doing the work are the real heroes! Please sign up today to befrend a wounded warrior, or mentally challenged individual. THANK YOU! Randy"Hoss"Caldwell  Sign up, send your name,phone number, hot rod or cycle to

You need a GOOD LAUGH!!

I am old, and handicapped with a fold up cane in my saddlebag, but my mind and mouth still work. For me to be a minion to the ALMIGHTY, I still have what it takes!!

My nomad, when I can no longer hold it up, I will get a sidecar, so Mary and I can still ride!

Davey, remind you of no IImorrow??

My nomad with about 1,000 bikes at Lawn Fire Co. Lawn, PA

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


When I have enough donations, I plan on getting a therapy dog, and the training for both of us. I will visit Veterans Hospitals locally, and rest homes to bring happiness into their lives. As you see, I do not take life too seriously, and bringing happiness to others is what GOD has chosen for me. Of course with a lot of you peoples help.
I plan on nameing my dog BOSSIE that is what Lloyd named the boston terrier I grew up with. I was about 12 when we had to put him down because of blindness and his suffering. It was very hard for me. I want to honor bossie by naming my new companion after him. Bossie and Lloyd will like that!
I will post on this site when I get my dog. It will be a while. I need to do a lot of fund raising first.
When Lloyds Rides spreads across the country, I plan on getting a therapy dog and handler for each chapter. With your help, we will grow!
Thank you, very much.  Randy"Hoss"Caldwell

Lloyd looking down, and smiling, he approves!