Sunday, October 25, 2015

Official Corporate Photo!

Mary told me, since I am a corporate president I must dress more corporate like. This is as close as I can get!!  HA HA HA
I  have my tax exempt number and my bank account so you can send donations directly to my bank.  send check made out to  lloydsrides,Inc.  send to  BB&T Bank- 92 doe Run Road-Manheim,PA 17545 All donations tax deductible.  I have an accountant to handle the money. As you can see, I do the hard work, you volunteers do the fun job, Making the day of the mentally challenged people and the people who saved our country!! THANK YOU: Randy"HOSS"Caldwell
The people I give rides to, I plan on keeping in touch with them. Sort of like a big, HAIRY brother, Just not on the top of my head!!  HA HA HA
By now, you can tell I do not take life too serious!!
Since I am important now(sort of) I asked my friends to call me  MR. HOSS;  BIG LOL!!
 See my 15 seconds of fame!!     lloyds rides you-tube