Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Receive a RIDE!!

You just need to contact me. E-mail:   Put in your phone number, e-mail and if you want a ride in a hot rod or a motorcycle. I will get back with you to set your ride up. I will post pictures of the ride giver, and taker so you have something to look at for years to come. When I say, make their day, I mean it. I want the person to have the time of their life. Any pictures on this blog can be copied, and printed out. My phone number is 717-606-5176. This is my cell, I carry all the time. Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell.

Any type of mental disability, Wounded Warriors, or any Veteran or someone in any kind of treatment for a mental problem is welcome! If you think you have mental problems, PLEASE seek help!! I am bi-polar, I know mental pain first hand!!

Give a Ride.

To give a ride, you just have to meet the person, we can work that out. You just take them for a ride. How far is up to you. When I take someone, I will stop for ice cream, or a slushy and candy bar. Whatever they want. I want to make it a day they will remember for always. I'd like to get a picture to put on this blog of the driver, and the rider, so they remember this DAY! 

You have to do nothing special Just give them a safe ride in whatever vehicle they decide to ride in. Some of these people do not get out much, and cannot drive themselves. Just like when I am on my motorcycle, I am not handicapped anymore. I don't limp when I ride. I am equal to everyone else on the road. That is how I want these people to feel!!

Yes it took me two days to accept THE LORD'S suggestion of starting this charity. I have senior moments now and then LOL  And YES, I did not get the car nut's name and phone number, but I am sure HE will bring us together. I want to be sure he gets his ride!! After all he is why I am working so hard to set LLoyds Rides up!!  Any questions e-mail me:      717-606-5176   Thank you for making my JOB as THE LORD'S minion a reality again!!   Randy"Hoss"Caldwell

Yes this is me, my fold up cain rides in the saddle bag, everywhere I go! And yes this is the bike that threw me off when  the jerk tried to run me over. And yes, I will never, ever give up riding. I am a BIKER,  I NEVER, EVER QUIT!!


If you know this car nut and his mom, I need their names and phone number and e-mail. I want to get in touch with them. When he gave me a hug because I gave his mom my card with my blog site on so he could see the cars anytime he wanted it moved me! I put bikes and cars on     for the bikers and carnuts in the homes who cannot get out to the shows anymore! He is the reason I am working smart, and of course hard to get this charity up and giving rides! I gave out 1500 cards with the charity info on, so far. Only one person said no. They all thought this is a great idea. I want him to have a ride too, since he started this ball rolling. His picture belongs right up there besides LLOYDS!! Please help me find him. Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell