Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is LLOYD!
Yes Lloyd is up in heaven, smiling down on us. My two brothers and I have great family's.  Lloyd's grandchildren have great family's too. We have been blessed beyond belief! None of us are rich, in financial values, but we are rich in family! Yes Lloyd taught me and my brothers good family values. And us three boys with our wives have passed that learning from Lloyd to our kids. And in turn our kids have passed it along to their kids.

That is what we can hope to do with our living years. Pass along the values that make a good family. And that is why I named my charity after my Dad. Our youngest son, Jeffery LLOYD Caldwell is my Dad's namesake. It is no wonder, Jeff got the call and is attending Lancaster Theological Seminary. Daddy was not a real religious man, but he lived his life as THE LORD taught! He helped people all his life. His and Mom's family both had mentally challenged people. Daddy went out of his way to help the three people in the family's that needed help, both were not able to live on their own.

And now the LORD has seen fit to get me to work for HIM again. Yes, I am old now, and handicapped physically, but I can still do what HE wants. HE gave me this big mouth, and now I know what I have it for! I have short term memory loss from the cycle accident. I must make notes to remind me of things. I will had my left knee replaced April 9,2015. My surgeon who replaced my left shoulder a couple years ago, was shooting lubricant in my knee and I was telling him about my charity. He is Doctor Seth D. Baublitz. DO. I told him I don't know where I will find people for sponsors, but I WILL! He said he likes my idea, and he said," I can help you with that." That saying is true. You don't know what you can get if you just ASK! Two days later I was at my dentist Dr. David Zug, and I told him about my plan and Dr, Baublitz was helping me. I said to Dr. Dave, I will hit him up for help finding sponsors, and he just smiled! Dr. Keith Fleischman my foot Doctor is helping me with donations too. He is taking care of my feet, yes I have diabetes! It runs in the family.

Yes, I am doing this, but I am being led by HIM! When I worked for HIM before, I talked to presidents of industry, me a no body, and got thousands of dollars of equipment donated to Oasis Youth Center. It feels great to be in HIS employ again. I missed IT! Yes when I am doing HIS work, I am not intimated by anyone. I will ask for what we need. Sometimes I get shot down. BUT sometimes I get IT!! You who know me, I will never give up. The common person TRIES! The determined person DOES! Yes I am that frog in the pelican's mouth, with my hands around the birds throat choking him. And HE makes sure I have the strength to keep going.
Yes, anyone with any type of mental problem is eligible to take a ride! Wounded warriors, anyone in treatment of any kind of mental disability is eligible. I am Bi-Polar and have attention deficit disorder! I understand disorders of the mind! I also have repetitive disorder.

Yes you know me by now, I NEVER,EVER give up!
See what the next chapter HOLDS for me!

Stop back and see what HE has in mind for me!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Minion for THE LORD!

Yes I am a minion for THE LORD again. HE has taken care of me for my 66 years in this crazy thing I call my life! This is a little way I am paying HIM back for  letting me have so much time in my living years. When I worked for THE LORD years ago, when I had my electrical business I was the maintenance department for  Oasis Youth Center in Manheim, PA. I kept the  building running so the important people could help the youth to know THE LORD. They were the important part of the ministry. I just kept the place from falling apart, and got what we needed donated. Now I am creating a charity to get hot rod and motorcycle owners hooked up with mentally challenged individuals and veterans so we can give them rides in their favorite vehicle. Again I am not the important part of the ministry, just the go-between to get this charity going. THE LORD gave me a big mouth, and this is how HE choses to use IT for HIS ministry! I am setting this up so it keeps going after HE decides I have had enough of the living years.
Yes, HE has big plans for me, again!
Yes, this is my next chapter, and HE WILL make IT GRAND!

If you want to MAKE THE DAY of a mentally challenged individual or veteran, send me an e-mail at Lloydsrides@gmail.com  with the vehicle you own, and your name and phone number and e-mail address.
If you are a care giver of a mentally challenged individual or veteran, or a veteran who wants THEIR DAY MADE, send me an e-mail at  Lloydsrides@gmail.com  And give the persons name and age, your e-mail and phone number. And whether hot rod or motorcycle ride?

Thank you for making this ministry work.  GOD BLESS all of you!  Randy"Hoss"Caldwell

I live in Manheim,PA.  Lancaster County is where I am working this ministry from. If you live within fifty miles of Manheim,PA  we must get together. I am about ten miles northeast of Lancaster,PA. Manheim is 17545 if you want to check my starting point.

If you wish to contribute to my ministry send an e-mail to  Lloydsrides@gmail.com  with your info. There will be a sponsors page with your info and link. Thank you, Randy"Hoss"Caldwell